How to Make Your Videos Look More Professional?

How to Make Your Videos Look More Professional?

You’ve decided to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy and have started experimenting with your brand-new camera or your phone.


After a few trials, you’re not getting the video quality you’d like, and your videos don’t really look professional.

So, you’re now on the hunt for video tips on how to make your videos look more professional at home with no or little equipment.

Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

Today, as professional videographers, we’ve decided to share our top video tips to help you improve your video game.

Plan your Video in Advance

‘’Pre-production, or the planning and logistics phase of a video project, is where most of the magic happens — long before you hit the “record” button’’.

– Geoff Anderson

Our first video production tip is to plan your video before recording it. Even if you love improvising, a little bit of planning can go a long way in helping you create better videos.

First, clearly define your audience (i.e., don’t target everyone), the goal of your video, and your message.

Next, write your script but keep some room for improvisation and authenticity. You should also ensure that you incorporate your hook within the first 3 to 8 seconds and that your story is compelling.

Finally, make a shot list and pick a bright and quiet spot to start recording.

Natural Light

Appropriate lighting is definitely key in making a video look professional. Think about it. Nobody likes to watch a video of someone talking them through tips and tricks on a specific topic while sitting in a dark dungeon. Not only does inappropriate lighting on camera look amateurish, but it can also prevent you from conveying emotions properly and connecting with your viewers.

So, if you don’t have expensive equipment to create the best lighting for your videos, make sure to record them in a space with plenty of natural light. And have the natural light in front of your face, not behind it. This will allow you to create striking visuals and help you captivate your audience.

Clean background

Ever seen one of these fake virtual backgrounds some people use when talking to their colleagues on Zoom? That’s exactly what we want to avoid here.

Busy and tacky backgrounds look anything but professional, and they can distract your audience, preventing them from focusing on what you’re saying. So, if you want to know how to make your videos more professional at home, start by shooting your videos somewhere that features a clean background. That doesn’t mean you have to record your videos in front of a dull, white wall. If you want to add color, go for it, but pick a tasteful and solid color background. You can also shoot in your office but once again, make sure it’s tidy, clean, and not too busy to avoid distracting your audience.

Make Sure the Audio is Crisp

You’ve just shot an incredible video with a showstopping hook, a great storyline, and striking imagery. Wonderful. Yet, if the sound isn’t great, your video might not perform as well as you thought it would. If you want to know how to improve your video quality to get more engagement and sales, you’ll need to consider the image quality and the quality of your audio. Some professionals and YouTubers even suggest audio is more important than image quality in some cases. Crisp and high-quality audio will grab your viewer’s attention and help immerse them into a unique experience. It will add depth and dimension to your video content. Think about watching Lord of the Rings or Gladiator without the epic sound effects and soundtracks. Definitely not the same experience!

Avoid Shaky Footage

When recording a video with a phone or asking someone else who doesn’t have a professional videography background to film your video, it’s not uncommon to end up with shaky footage. Unfortunately, no matter how good your video content is, shaky footage just won’t cut it when it comes to hooking in your viewers and improving your watch time. It can be very distracting, doesn’t look professional, and can even give your viewers a headache! To stabilize your phone or camera, there’s nothing better than using a good old-fashioned tripod. It’s a small investment for a big reward. Remember, we’re trying to capture striking imagery to create an immersive experience.

Be Comfortable on Camera

You might be thinking that’s easier said than done. And you’d be right. However, looking stiff, serious, robotic, nervous, or uncomfortable on camera will make your audience feel uncomfortable too. If you appear relaxed, make eye contact with your viewers, and smile as you talk them through your content, they’ll be much more likely to connect with you and your brand.

A few things you can do to learn how to look natural and more comfortable on camera include;

You’ll find more tips on how to be comfortable on Camera in our latest blog posts (@Rickycan you add the link here once published?).

We hope this article has provided you with some helpful tips on how to make professional-looking videos at home. Some more useful resources you can check out on our blog include 5 best practices for effective videos and staging your commercial shoot.

As professional videographers, we go through many more steps to create stunning visuals and craft powerful stories for our clients. However, following these tips should get you going if you’re looking to produce videos from the comfort of your own home and on a budget. 

If you still think your videos don’t look as professional as you’d like, and you’re keen to get a San Diego video production company involved, get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Our brains and cameras are always switched on, ready to help you nail your video content.