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dk3studios welcomes all cinematographers, corporate giants, influencers and anyone who needs video services in the San Diego area and beyond

Video Studio Rental

Video is a part of each and every one of our lives, and we aim to make sure any video services you need are done to perfection. Whether corporate advertisements, YouTube videos, movies, or even a viral TikTok, dk3studios is here to make sure you are the star of the production.



Promo Video: Chicco - Corporate Video Production

Demo Video: Zotac VR Demo - Corporate Video Production

Promo Video: Everest Realty - Corporate Video Production

Software Company Promo Video

A Space Where Dreams Are Made

San Diego’s finest video production studio isn’t just four walls and a ceiling, it is a place where great things happen.

Anything And Everything Under One Roof

From blockbuster movie trailers to exclusive interviews, dk3’s state of the art soundstage, equipment and studio rental facility has got you covered.

Stand Out On Social Media

Producing viral videos has never been easier, and more affordable. Our Sorrento Valley studio rental is available to social media influencers at a fraction of the cost. We help you go viral.

A Stage For The Corporates and Enterprises Of The World

Corporate giants all over California and beyond trust us to put their businesses on the map through high quality video production and story telling, you should too.

Live Streaming That’s A Cut Above

There’s regular live streaming, and then there’s dk3studios live streaming. With crisp, amazing quality video and a very customizable studio space, it’s no wonder why dk3studios is a cut above the rest.

Your Privacy Is Assured

Kick your feet up and relax knowing that not only do we cater to all your production needs, we also guarantee you and your content the privacy and security it deserves.

Video Services With Unbeatable Quality

Create Magic For As Low As $60/hour

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that dk3 is a studio for the people, and what better way is there to serve the people than to offer premium video production services at an affordable cost? dk3 strives to give you the best photo, video and rental services without burning a hole in your pocket and breaking your heart when you receive an outlandish bill. Whether you want the next viral video, a corporate video, or a music video, get the professional touch you need from dk3.

Features That Make dK3studios The Right Choice For You

  • 16 foot high curved Cyclorama white wall
  • Ample parking space for your talent and crew
  • Over 40 feet of Studio length to work with. More than enough for a sassy catwalk.
  • 20 foot tall ceilings, in case you happen to have an all star basketball team in tow.
  • Private dressing room for quick and concealed wardrobe changes.
  • High speed Wi-Fi to upload your images before you wrap up.
    • Strobes, stands, diffusers, product tables, you name it we provide it.
  • Everything is conveniently located in one floor, so no heavy lifting required.
  • Easy online booking system to reserve your spot quick and easy.
  • Digital printed backdrops to match your style and tastes
  • Production insurance is ready and available.
  • Plenty of supply and food options nearby. You don’t have to starve on the job.

What Is So Special About
DK3 Studios video Services

With our seamless integration of expert photo and video production specialists, an incredible studio rental space, and exceptional video equipment rental services, we offer you the unique capacity to effectively execute your video production under one multi-faceted roof. Our versatile space is perfectly suited for both creative and corporate video production, so you can be sure your video has the right look no matter the content.

Our online booking experience is another stand out feature in the studio rental industry. Not only does our system ensure your allotted time is scheduled efficiently and accurately, it is also quick, smooth, and stress free compared to most other studio rental spaces.

If you’ve ever tried booking a space before, then you would know most spaces request a proof of insurance before you can even pick a time, and if you are like everyone else who knows how hard it is to find a piece of paper when you need it most, you’ll know that’s not efficient.

So that’s why at dk3, for only $50/day (lower than you can find anywhere else), we insure your production from any mishap or injuries that might take place within the pristine walls of our studio. Let us take care of your project. Start by booking the hours you need and requesting the video services and production equipment specific to your shoot. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our crew via email at [email protected] and we’ll make sure to do the best we can.

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Video Services San Diego

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If you are looking for a space to rent in San Diego, then we have something magical in store for you!

Full Facilities

Not just a photo studio rental but a recording experience. A working environment that feels like a home.


DK3 is a subsidiary of New Evolution Video Production. Our team of producers and directors can assist you in the all video production aspects.

1200 Square Feet of Studio Space

Our 1200 sq. ft. space for filming video has 20-foot ceilings and a 12’wx20l’x20h’ cyc wall for performing and element separation. The studio also has a direct loading dock attached allowing easy access for vehicles to conveniently transport equipment in and out of the space. You shouldn’t worry too much about equipment though because you can find most necessary video production equipment for rent within the walls of dk3studios as well.

The 12’wx20l’x20h’ cyc wall provides ample room for multiple cameras, varieties of lights, and all the action you’d want to capture. We offer the options of green screen and colored backdrop operations for projects to create amazing post-production effects. And actually, in this day and age, it’s pretty easy for novice film editors to swap out background colors for gorgeous sceneries from any location, real or imagined.

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Looking for Video Services in San Diego?

Located In The
Sorrento Valley

You will find a secure and peaceful environment here at dk3studios. We are located between the prestigious academic grounds of the University of California at San Diego and the corporate headquarters of successful industry giants in Mira Mesa. Safety, convenience, and cleanliness are our main concerns. And of course, we have all of them completely covered. You can easily access the studio via the I-5, I-805, and I-15 freeways.

The wonderful and beautiful beaches of La Jolla are a skip away so after wrapping up the shoot, you can enjoy drinks with your crew in time to watch the iconic San Diego sunsets over the Pacific. However, just a word of caution, the close proximity of the Miramar air base curates occasional air traffic noise. San Diego is a military city so there is just no winning on this one anywhere in town, though it has not been much of a concern to our clientele. Our upfront policy about constraints is how you know we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

The Extra Features That Make
DK3Studios The Best in San Diego

16-foot Cyclorama curved white wall for that supreme quality touch
Parking for your talent and crew
Over 40 feet of studio length to work with, enough for a catwalk
20-foot tall ceilings to let your giants in the room
Private dressing room for concealed wardrobe changes
Wifi to upload pictures before you wrap the shoot
Strobes, stands, diffusers, product tables, and many other production necessities

All one floor so no heavy liftings necessary

Easy online booking system to reserve your place quick
Digitally Printed Backdrops to match your style
Production Insurance available
Plenty of supply and food options nearby

Looking For A Great Deal

New Evolution Video and dk3studios are all about premium production and giving you the best bang for your buck. We don’t cut corners and we don’t allow less than professional work. What we constantly provide is great value.

Not only are you getting your money’s worth when you rent out our 1100 square foot studio space, but also one hell of a deal on major productions by enjoying our sweet package discounts. The premise of combining forces between an incredible studio and an influential agency is to offer the best product at the best price.

You are what matters to us, and we make sure to show that anyway we can.

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