How to Hire the Right Professional Photographer for Your Brand?

How to Hire the Right Professional Photographer for Your Brand?

‘’The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!’’

– Ansel Adams

With the advancement in technology and the rise of freelancing, the number of professional photographers has boomed.

And as a business owner, it can feel a bit overwhelming when trying to navigate the industry and find the right fit for your brand.

The thing is, not all photographers are created equal.

Some will get your vision and will turn your ideas into amazing imagery, while others might miss the mark.

And that’s totally ok.

The key is simply to know what to look for so that you can select the right professional for your brand and projects.

So, without further ado, here are five things to consider when hiring the perfect photographer for your next brand photoshoot.

Consider Their Area of Expertise

Photography is a vast industry.

Just like with any creative job, photographers specialize in different fields.

Some excel in landscape photography, while others focus on product photography or action photography.

And even though some skills are transferable, creating fantastic visuals in each area might require specific expertise and a particular skillset.

For instance, while a wedding photographer could be fantastic at portrait photography too, they’re most likely not the best when it comes to food photography.

So, depending on your niche and your needs, make sure that the professional you choose has a deep understanding of what it takes to make your brand and offer stand out.

They should have a ton of experience in your niche and be able to suggest unique ideas from the get-go

Natural Hair in Portrait Photography

Look at Their Style

Each photographer has a unique style. Through their imagery, you should be able to see their signature.

Sure, many brilliant photographers are versatile and can adapt and tweak the imagery to your needs.

However, you should still make sure that their style complements your brand for the best results.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to style. You just want to ensure it fits your brand imagery or your vision of your brand imagery.

The best way to proceed is to browse their portfolio and look at:

Also, make sure to check their social media accounts, as this is most likely where they’ll be publishing most of their work.

Assess Their People Skills

A business or commercial photographer could be the best photographer in the world. If they can’t make you and your team feel comfortable, this will show in your branding photos.

Posing in front of a camera can be notoriously awkward. So, it’s critical to find a photographer that possesses both technical and soft skills.

Nobody wants to purchase from a brand featuring a team with stiff poses, forced smiles, or sending sad or creepy vibes on their ‘’About Us’’ page!

So, your photographer must be able to bring out the best in you and your team members. They must capture the essence of your brand and perfectly convey your company culture through imagery. And to do that, they need to capture your team’s soul and the real you.

That’s why you should make sure to have a chat with the photographer before hiring them. It will allow you to see whether you connect with them and if you feel comfortable around them.

Ask For References

These days reviews and referrals are everything.

So, if you’ve found a photographer that seems great, hop onto their website, social media pages, or even LinkedIn profile and check what former clients think of their work. This will help you assess their strengths and weaknesses and whether they’re the right fit for you.

Satisfied clients are usually happy to leave reviews. And unsatisfied customers are extremely likely to share their experiences to prevent others from having the same issues.

If they don’t have any reviews, ask them for references.

Discussing with past clients is the best way to understand what kind of photographer they are. Ask if they can share the final results with you. That will give you a great idea of the kind of work they can produce based on a project’s scope.

Book a Consultation With the Photographer Beforehand

Even after following the steps above, make sure to book a consultation with them beforehand.

In fact, this is one of the most critical steps.

Discussing with the photographer will allow you to pick up on their energy and see whether you like their vibe and personality.

Your photographer’s personality and energy can really make the difference between authentic and relatable photos and awkward and uncomfortable shots.

Plus, chatting with them will give you the opportunity to discuss your brand mood board. Ask them how they would bring your ideas to life to make sure you’re on the same page and how they envision the photoshoot.


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