6 Tips to Take Better DIY Corporate Headshots

6 Tips to Take Better DIY Corporate Headshots

Are you dreading your next headshot photoshoot? 

You know you have to do it but can’t wait to get it over with?

As a business owner, there’s no two ways about it. You need a slick, professional headshot on par with your branding imagery to create a cohesive feel and a great first impression.

And the great thing about headshots is that they’re pretty versatile and can be used across different marketing channels.

Once you’ve captured a fantastic headshot, upload it onto your LinkedIn profile, display it on your ‘’About Us’’ page, or use it in one of your Facebook ads to make your brand more approachable.

To help you have fun with the process and feel more confident about your upcoming photoshoot, we’ve highlighted six ways to capture the perfect corporate headshot.

Natural Hair in Portrait Photography

Go for a Polished Look

A corporate headshot should definitely convey your personality and instantly suck the audience into your universe. 

But it still needs to look polished and professional. After all, you want to establish trust and show potential customers you’re serious about your business!

For instance, taking corporate headshots with faded, worn-out, or dull clothing can send the wrong message to consumers. They might see you as unprofessional and turn away from your brand forever. 

Harsh but true!

Also, wearing bold makeup or choosing the wrong hairstyle can distract the viewers and prevent them from connecting with you. So, opt for neutral colors that still highlight your features without being overpowering.

And, if you’re not sure what to wear to look your best on camera, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to help you. 

It will avoid creating a set of headshots you can’t use and having to reshoot multiple times.

Pay Attention to Lighting and Pose

Lighting is one of the most important factors if you want to nail your headshot. So, try to select a location with plenty of natural light. Soft and evenly dispersed natural light will allow you to enhance your features and flatter your skin tone.

If you’re shooting indoors, try to pose next to a large window. If you’re at the office, you could try your office lobby as long as it lets plenty of natural light pour in. Alternatively, invest in quality equipment to create the best lighting conditions for your photos.

You’ll find some extra tips about lighting by reading Top 4 tips to master portrait photography.

Also, standing side on to show your best angle can help improve the overall result as you’ll look more photogenic. Turn your head to make most of your face visible and look into the camera with confidence. Make sure not to squeeze your arm as it’ll look wider on camera.

Natural Hair in Portrait Photography

Select a Simple Background

Busy backgrounds can distract the viewers and take the attention away from you. 

That’s why you should always keep your background simple.

Seamless paper backgrounds can be a good option as they typically come in many different colors and provide a great backdrop for crisp and professional headshots. Always favor solid color backgrounds for a simple yet versatile look. 

You can also opt for a textured background to add dimension to your photos. This will add an intriguing element to your professional headshot without being too distracting.

Choose the Right Camera Settings

The idea here is to tweak your camera settings to make your headshots super flattering.

That’s not cheating!

It is merely leveraging the power of technology to enhance your brand imagery 😉

While shooting in auto mode is convenient and easy, it’s not always the best option to produce high-quality shots. Shooting in manual mode will give you more control over the look and feel of your photos.

Here are some tips on the best camera settings for corporate headshots:

Don’t forget to Smile!

Many of us get uncomfortable in front of a camera. This can lead to corporate headshots featuring very awkward smiles.

Sound familiar?

Don’t beat yourself up, as some of us are so nervous that we even forget to smile altogether.

Now, we’re sure you’ll agree awkward smiles or serious faces are not the best way to connect with your audience and build trust.

Your headshot is most likely one of the first images of your brand your potential customers will see, and first impressions matter. Smiling allows you to look comfortable, confident, and, more importantly, approachable.

So, make sure to practice before your headshot session to try and nail this authentic and attention-grabbing smile 😉 You can even bring someone along and ask them to make you laugh!

And to help you even further, we’ve compiled some tips in our article ‘’How to Get More Comfortable in Front of the Camera?’’ to help you look more natural in your corporate photos.

Invest in Photography Gear for Better Corporate Headshots

Sure, you could simply ask a friend to take your headshot with their smartphone.

But if you’re really serious about your business and your brand, investing in specific photography accessories could help you step up your marketing game. After all, the idea is to bring your corporate headshots to life with high-quality and crisp photos showing your personality.

And to capture the essence of your brand and your personality in the same shot, you’ll need a zest of creativity and good equipment!

Some of the key things you should purchase include:

It might seem like an investment, but you could reuse this equipment for your future photoshoots, including your branding imagery.

Take Professional Headshots in a Photo Studio

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