Top 5 San Diego Photo Studios

Top 5 San Diego Photo Studios

Looking for a great studio to rent for your next photoshoot?

We might just have what you need!

Depending on what kind of photoshoot you’re working on, picking the right studio can be critical to ensuring the success of your project.

That’s why to assist you, we’ve listed below five of the best San Diego photo studios and detailed some of their best features.

Happy shooting 😉

Dk3studios is one of the best professional studio rentals in San Diego.

One of the main benefits of using this incredible studio is the massive and versatile space it provides. Indeed, the warehouse-style studio is 1,100 sq. ft. and is fitted with a built-in cyclorama wall that serves as the main stage for photoshoots. Yet, if you turn around, you’ll also have access to a double set with a colored seamless backdrop. How cool?

Besides, their sister company, New Evolution Video, specializes in high-quality video content production, offering clients the possibility to produce crisp video footage as well.

Another plus with Dk3studios is the ‘’a la carte’’ rental space concept allowing you to pick and choose the rental gear you need.

What’s more, with Dk3studios, not only will you get to rent an amazing space and use cutting-edge equipment at an affordable rate, but Richard and his friendly crew will also assist you to ensure a professional and seamless experience.

Pricing starts from $60 per hour on weekdays.

Hendo Studios pride themselves on being the one-stop creative studio for any photo needs.

Indeed, this versatile studio can accommodate both fashion, celebrity, or product photoshoots and video content production.

Besides, not only can you rent the studio for a photoshoot, but you can also utilize the phenomenal 2,000 sq. ft. rental space to organize a product demo, a live recorded music event, or your next private gathering.

The studio also offers in-house editing services, photography equipment rental, and all the tools you need to unleash your creative flow!

Studio710 is one of the most beautiful photo and video rental spaces in downtown San Diego. Indeed, fitted with large windows, gorgeous hardwood floors, and high ceilings, the spacious and vintage loft benefits from an abundance of natural light.

Some of the key services on offer at Studio710 include:

The studio can accommodate up to 200 guests and provide rental gear.

Whatever you need, Studio710 and their friendly team will help ensure you get the best results from this experience.

Pricing starts from $175 per hour with a 5-hour booking minimum.

EQ studios’ motto is “where passion meets expression.”

The facilities are split between three different rental spaces, including studio A, Studio B, and a beautiful 2,000 sq. ft. rooftop area.

Therefore, whether you’re after a spectacular sunset shoot, unique headshots with a clean and modern backdrop, or want to record a product demo in a modern setting, the EQ studios’ team has got you covered.

Rental prices start from $50 per hour with a 2-hour booking minimum.

Hale productions specialize in photo and video branding.

The studio provides their customers with a 3,200 sq. ft. naturally lit loft featuring minimalist furniture, neutral tones, and a full wall of 15-foot industrial windows. The NYC-style urban loft also features gorgeous hardwood floors, high ceilings, lifestyle sets, and industrial details.

Hale productions studio is incredibly versatile and can accommodate any needs, from product photoshoots and corporate headshots to brand interviews and brand trailers.

Pricing starts from $200 per hour with a 5-hour booking minimum.

Note that cutting-edge equipment can also be rented for an additional price.

Now that you know all about the best San Diego photo studios, time to get out there and shoot!