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5 Tips to Being More Photogenic

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On-screen talent wants to look the best they can and confidence to deliver talented charisma comes from within. The best way to achieve this is to focus on the internal craft of acting. But many actors, as well as anyone who steps in front of the camera, are self-conscious about their image. These simple tips to being more photogenic will help anyone look their best on screen. That way they can worry about the many other facets such as memorizing lines and delivering them in a convincing manner.


The basic rule is to wear solid colors. They become less distracting but that might not be the option you want to go towards. They can wear a logo t-shirt. But remember if it is a large center logo or image on the shirt it can detract from the face. Color plays an important part and each person’s complexion will respond differently to the colors they wear. Dark blues play well against a pale or ruddish complexion as well as many other skin types and is a good basic choice. A more swarthy skin tone might want brighter colors to accentuate the contrast. Discuss these concerns with wardrobe to achieve the desired look of the shoot. The fabric plays a huge part as certain polyesters give off an immense glare when filmed. Cottons are always best and smooth works better than course. You want the viewers noticing the face not the clothing.


Most of the job of makeup in a shoot is to not be noticed. Giving a smooth concealer and wipedown to keep face oils at a minimum is really all that is required in most shoots. Doing the minimum will go a lot better than overdoing it unless it special effects related. However, having no makeup at all might display an over aged face on screen. Remember, the lights will be hot and makeup tends to run so touchups in between takes is a good idea.

Camera Placement

From a profile view, everyone has a good and less good side. Know which side you look better on and discuss that as an option with the director. When doing a straight on facing view, try to keep the eyes aligned with the camera. This makes the viewer more comfortable about the onscreen person speaking.


The bright lights of a production will enhance all the features on the subject’s face, sometimes creating unwarranted shadows. If they place the lights directly behind the camera and just above the subject’s eye line you should get the best results.


When stepping in front of the camera or a live audience, a wave of unfamiliar feelings come over a novice. Spending time rehearsing so the talent knows what to say and how comes only with practice. It is something that can be achieved. The best way to focus on one’s onscreen confidence is to forget about all the preceding tips and work from within. The best way to achieve that is by having all the preceding tips already done.

The viewers of any video will subconsciously judge these details and just looking good isn’t enough to convey a message. Accepting your appearance is something that comes hard to even the best-looking people. Providing cast members with positive reinforcement will go a lot further than what their fears tell them. So boost each other with compliments and in the end, just let go of your personal worries about looks.


Casting Talent That Sells The Image of Your Design

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This blog is continuing from the previous blog Setting Up the Studio For Your Shoot.

It is the dream of every production to have a smooth operation. You want your days to be steady, fluid, and productive. The best ways to maximize your shoot days is to prepare everything in advance. The previous article examined all the factors of pre-production that go into a shoot. Not every shoot will require large crews. This article will focus on just the talent and products you want to capture under the camera to boost sales for your product.

Casting Talent

Casting is one of the essential components of any production. Even animation requires live models for conceptual derivation and voices. Voice over talent can be redone easily in post-production. However, the face you see in the video or photo is a little more permanent. For corporate video and entertainment, you want to find a face that represents your vision. There are neurological reasons why viewers have a greater correlation to the product and message when it accompanied by a human face.

Professional Actors

Casting talent that can deliver the lines you want and have the look you are trying to relate can be a daunting process. There are many casting sites that allow you to pull the exact look you need. For photography this usually all you need. For video, an audition is really the only way to know if you are hiring the right actors. Many burgeoning actors are eager for work. Assure the production schedule with them before agreed to hire them. Even after you hire talent, do consistently keep everyone current to their set arrival times and ensure they have a solid ride to set.

Inexperienced Talent aka Normal People

Many times, as with real interviews, you might recruit an inexperienced actor. This can be a great resolve if you have a charismatic executive. The audience wants to see the real people behind the logo. Providing ample time for both hair and makeup and rehearsal is crucial. Even the most professional and talented actors have nervous moments just as the cameras begin to roll. The lights in many shoots both for photography and video can be extremely bright and hot. First-time talent looking directly into the camera can feel their eyes burning. Make sure your talent can cope with these details.

Getting That Perfect Product Shot

If the term “money shot” was not already in use by another industry then it would perfectly describe this aspect of commercial photography. When you want to sell your message to an audience you need that exact, pristine example of the item in question. Even if it is a service such as law or medicine, then you still want to capture the essence of the moment. Many times in video you will see the actors and then a close up of the product. In these examples, the product could seem a little unnaturally placed from real life. This is fine and actually expected to transmit the message.

Look at these fine examples of video commercials that completely grasp the idea of showing the “product shot”

Vivioptal – 20 seconds in:

Green Mountain Coffee – 3 seconds in:

To read more about why this short Green Mountain ad is so genius click this sentence

When you are ready to book your studio time, it is a good idea to be on the same page as the rest of your talent. Work with them and make sure to have them rehearse before-hand. Get the look you want and inform them to keep or cut their hair or beard appropriate to the needs of the shoot.

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