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By June 27, 2018

About Dk3 Studio LLC

Nestled in the heart of the Sorrento Valley in San Diego is an event studio rental space that culminates in the crossbed of corporate headquarters, academic research, and cultural dynamics as the they break ground in this aspiring marketplace. Video is the missing link to capture the essence of ingenuity and convert your efforts into accomplishments. Finding a location and equipment just got a lot more sophisticated.

Our equipment and studio rental facilities have been updated in 2018 to provide the best overall experience a production crew can expect. We offer complimentary business speed WiFi, parking, impeccably clean restrooms, and round the clock problem solving so you won’t be left in the dark.

•  1100 square feet of studio space for as little as $60/hr.
•  16′ cyclorama (infinity) wall. It’s the must-have for certain shoots. The hard part is building it. That’s why we did the legwork for you!
•  40’ shooting bay in case you have a digital dragon you want to fly.
•  Rows of equipment for rent whether you use it onsite or rent and take away.
•  No stairs to hassle with.
•  Online booking because that’s the age we live in.
•  Private dressing room for your talent.
•  A tranquil environment blessed with solid vibes.

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