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Dk3studios excitedly welcomes all cinematographers, corporate giants, vlog hosts, YouTube livestreamers, bands, actors, and more. Video is for everyone nowadays including YOU!.

With every year comes
new opportunities for video

Sending update videos to the family instead of written letters is becoming the new norm. Nowadays, companies are becoming accustomed to sharing video memos throughout different branches to keep up to date on issues that affect them.

Do you have a video project that needs to be shot, edited, distributed and then loved? Well, don’t get caught waiting. The time is now. And the next step is to call (858) 437-9681 and take action towards your video goals and their immediate completion. Don’t get left behind in the last century by not maximizing opportunity through video within your websites, social media pages, and businesses.



Promo Video: Chicco - Corporate Video Production

Demo Video: Zotac VR Demo - Corporate Video Production

Promo Video: Everest Realty - Corporate Video Production

Software Company Promo Video

A Space for Accomplishment

A Space for Accomplishment

Don’t just rent a space in San Diego. Come share your inspiration and make your dreams happen.

Film, Video, Photography, Music

Film, Video, Photography, Music

From green screen shooting to interviews and product shots, DK3 is a state-of-the-art soundstage and event studio rental facility in San Diego. All industries welcome.
Influencing Intentions

Influencing Intentions

San Diego studio rental is available for Social Media Influencers at reduced rates with cross promotionals. Live Stream your heart away in style.
Corporate Progress

Corporate Progress


Companies from San Diego and beyond trust us for our unique access and high accommodations. DK3 is the most professional corporate training space in San Diego.
Clean & Modern Live Streaming

Clean & Modern Live Streaming

Capture all the indoor footage you require. Turn it into a party and broadcast to the world.

Private & Confidential

Private & Confidential

We deal with sensitive material. Keeping your privacy confidential is our highest priority. Feel relaxed and confident in a secure environment.

Video Studio Space
Available In San Diego

For As Low As $60/hour

Beginning in 2012, dk3studios opened its doors as a safe haven for niche photography shoots. Over the next decade, this space expanded to excellently serve anyone who wanted to film a photo/video project indoors throughout the county of San Diego. At the start of 2018, dk3studios rebranded as its new ownership and management shifted to New Evolution Video. Now, dk3studios operates as a phenomenal video/photo production studio rental space for anyone with a message and a vision. With New Evolution Video being a digital advertising agency, the merge between the two companies created a force to be reckoned with throughout the video marketing industry of Southern California.

Video For Any Purpose

What Is So Special About DK3 Studios

The integration of expert video production specialists, an incredible studio rental space, and phenomenal video equipment rental services, offers the unique capacity to effectively execute your video production under one roof. Book an appropriate time, rent the proper equipment, and then get expert advice along with an awesome crew all from a single resource. Dk3studios by New Evolution Video is here to get your project off the ground and soaring in the air!

Start by booking the hours you need and requesting the production equipment specific to your shoot. You will find all the help you need and more at our website and our crew is always ready to help out via email at
[email protected] for any questions.

Our online booking system ensures your allotted time is scheduled efficiently and accurately. Most studio rental spaces will request a printed proof of insurance before you can even book your time. The proof of this may be caught up in your offices or maybe you just don’t have the ability to purchase insurance separately. We totally understand.

That’s why we can purchase the liability insurance for your video productions that take place within the walls of dk3tudios for an even lower fee than you can find anywhere else. Yes, only $50/day insures your video production from mishaps or injuries. As an individual ensuring your own production, you will most likely pay at least twice this amount plus have a slew of more paperwork and vendor information to process. Dk3studios makes video productions easy and accessible for all.

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If you are looking for a space to rent in San Diego, then we have something magical in store for you!

Full Facilities
Full Facilities

Not just a photo studio rental but a recording experience. A working environment that feels like a home.


DK3 is a subsidiary of New Evolution Video Production. Our team of producers and directors can assist you in the all video production aspects.

1200 Square Feet of Studio Space

Our 1200 sq. ft. space for filming video has 20-foot ceilings and a 12’wx20l’x20h’ cyc wall for performing and element separation. The studio also has a direct loading dock attached allowing easy access for vehicles to conveniently transport equipment in and out of the space. You shouldn’t worry too much about equipment though because you can find most necessary video production equipment for rent within the walls of dk3studios as well.

The 12’wx20l’x20h’ cyc wall provides ample room for multiple cameras, varieties of lights, and all the action you’d want to capture. We offer the options of green screen and colored backdrop operations for projects to create amazing post-production effects. And actually, in this day and age, it’s pretty easy for novice film editors to swap out background colors for gorgeous sceneries from any location, real or imagined.

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Looking for a space to rent San Diego?
We have something magical in store for you.
Located In The Sorrento Valley

Located In The
Sorrento Valley

You will find a secure and peaceful environment here at dk3studios. We are located between the prestigious academic grounds of the University of California at San Diego and the corporate headquarters of successful industry giants in Mira Mesa. Safety, convenience, and cleanliness are our main concerns. And of course, we have all of them completely covered. You can easily access the studio via the I-5, I-805, and I-15 freeways.

The wonderful and beautiful beaches of La Jolla are a skip away so after wrapping up the shoot, you can enjoy drinks with your crew in time to watch the iconic San Diego sunsets over the Pacific. However, just a word of caution, the close proximity of the Miramar air base curates occasional air traffic noise. San Diego is a military city so there is just no winning on this one anywhere in town, though it has not been much of a concern to our clientele. Our upfront policy about constraints is how you know we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

The Extra Features That Make
DK3 Studios The Best in San Diego

16-foot Cyclorama curved white wall for that supreme quality touch
Parking for your talent and crew
Over 40 feet of studio length to work with, enough for a catwalk
20-foot tall ceilings to let your giants in the room
Private dressing room for concealed wardrobe changes
Wifi to upload pictures before you wrap the shoot
Strobes, stands, diffusers, product tables, and many other production necessities

All one floor so no heavy liftings necessary

Easy online booking system to reserve your place quick
Digitally Printed Backdrops to match your style
Production Insurance available
Plenty of supply and food options nearby

Looking For Deals

New Evolution Video and dk3studios are all about premium corporate production. We don’t cut corners and we don’t allow less than professional work. What we constantly provide is great value. You’re not only getting your money’s worth when you rent out our 1200 square foot studio space, but also one hell of a deal on major productions by enjoying our package discounts. The premise of combining forces between an incredible studio and an influential agency is to offer the best product at the best price. You, the client, is what matters to us. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for even more secret discounts each month. Or just email [email protected] to ask for what specials we are currently rolling out