Rates Doesn’t Include Lighting Equipment

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$60 per hour for up to 12 individuals entering the studio. (Limit 6 individuals for 3-hour rentals.)  This rate is available rentals arranged through our online reservation system.

NOTE: To extend a rental already in progress the rate is $60 per hour

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Includes strobes and/or video lighting, radio triggers (PocketWizards) stands, modifiers, private dressing room, pro sound system.  Minimum rental is three hours.  For three hour rentals the maximum group size is limited to six.


For groups comprising more than twelve individuals entering the studio (that is, walking through the door and stepping on the floor. Yes, children are individuals.  Pets are not.)  Please contact us at info@wordpress-143823-540756.cloudwaysapps.com to discuss group rates).

DEPOSIT 50% deposit required with reservation and may be applied to future rentals should you need to cancel or change up to 48 hours before your rental.  The deposit can be applied to future rentals should you cancel within 48 hours of the reserved rental period.  If you prefer to book by telephone or email reservations are non-refundable and cannot be changed.

ONE HOUR INCREMENTS ONLY We bill in one hour increments only so please be prepared to vacate the studio promptly at the end of your session to avoid a painful overtime charge of $3 per minute. We also ask that you leave the studio in the condition it was when you arrived, so please be sure to allow clean up time as well to avoid the minimum cleaning fee of $25.

TIMING IS PRECISE — ALLOWANCE FOR LOAD IN/LOAD OUT. At this low rate we do not include set up and break down time so please factor that into your time planning.  Well, we do provide free load in and load out time if your rental is for eight or more hours.  Billable time begins when anyone in your group enters the studio for any reason.

 If the studio is available before your rental time, we offer 115-minute early check in for $15. 

LATE CHECK OUT IS $3 PER MINUTE.  If the studio is not booked following your shoot you may add additional time at a rate of $40 per hour*.

*Three hour rental extension rate is $50 per hour.

Other Considerations

If you need help with lighting during a shoot we can provide a photographer to assist you at a rate of $50 per hour. (But we will always explain the lighting and offer suggestions should you request help.)

THE FINE PRINT Our rate applies to photoshoots booked through our online reservation service and includes the use of one shooting bay by one photographer. If another photographer in your group shoots simultaneously the rental fee doubles. If you prefer to book by telephone or email reservations are non-refundable and cannot be changed.

For groups comprising more than twelve individuals entering the studio please contact us to discuss group rates.

Best Prices in San Diego: Fully Equipped Studio

The Best Part Is The Price: Just $60 Per Hour!

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Please contact us for event rates if more than 12
individuals will be involved with your shoot.

Online reservation system

makes it simple to sign up for studio time and you may pay by major credit card at the time of your rental. Take time to explore creative lighting techniques. Or shoot those wedding photos without having to haul and setup your own lighting. Rent when you need more strobes or space than you now have. Discover your passion at the most affordable rates in San Diego

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