Please sign and Initial Our Rental Contract Below

  • dk3 studios LLC rents its facility to individuals with the understanding that in no event shall dk3 studios LLC be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage due to the use of this facility or equipment used by its customers. I hereby waive and hold harmless dk3 studios LLC from liability for any incidents or accidents that may occur to or by persons either renting or associated with the renting of dk3 studios LLC during my rental period. Incidents include but are not limited to burns from studio lights and light modifiers, injuries as a result of moving or operating light stands or cables, or injuries caused by falling objects or from use of the staircase.

    I further agree that should I damage or remove from the facility any studio equipment, including but not limited to strobe lights, flashtubes, light modifiers, modeling light bulbs or remote, I will reimburse dk3 studios for the cost of repairs, or replacement if necessary, to return the item or items to service in the studio. I may incur additional charges for loss of use if such equipment is removed from service for more than 24 hours from the end of my rental period. I authorize dk3 studios LLC to charge my credit card for the amount of these expenses.

  • I agree to pay $250 for any mark or perforation to any wall, including the curved wall
  • if such damage occurs during my rental period. I agree to pay $100 for any mark on the flat painted surface preceding the curve. Using any type of tape on the floor is prohibited. There is a fee of $250 for unauthorized entry to the upstairs storage area.

    I acknowledge that I am familiar with and comfortable using equipment provided by dk3 studios LLC and that I will not operate any studio equipment where I lack experience or knowledge.

    Studio Rental Rates

    Rental fees are for the greater of time reserved or time used. Rent is payable in 60 minute increments. This fee is for the use of the studio by one photographer in one shooting bay and in/out privileges for up to 6 persons during three hour rentals, and up to 12 persons for rentals exceeding three hours. Rates are double should you exceed the reserved limit. Rates are double if two photographers shoot simultaneously.

  • Additional hours added on day of shoot are at a rate of $100 per hour PAYABLE IN WHOLE HOUR INCREMENTS.

    The overtime rate is $10.00 per minute until the last member of your party leaves the studio and dressing room areas.

    The rental fee includes use of the studio area, dressing room, restroom, and equipment in the studio. Studio including dressing room must be left in the same condition as it was upon your arrival. Equipment must be returned to its location/s at the beginning of your rental period. There is a minimum cleaning charge of $85 if the studio is not restored to the condition it was in upon your arrival.

  • Available Services

    Lighting advice/shoot assistance/grip/instruction $100 up to one hour $75 per hour thereafter. Must be booked in advance.



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