Yes, everything you need photography related under one roof.

From studio space and production equipment for rent by the hour to professional advice from the top pros in Southern California. DK3 Studios keeps an 1100 ft2 rental space in the Sorrento Valley ready for dreamers, aspirers, artists, hopefuls, and whatever else you are. Because the goal is to become more.

A Space for Accomplishment

Don’t just rent a space San Diego. Come share your inspiration and make your dreams happen

Film, Video, Photography, Music

From green screen shooting to interviews and product shots, DK3 is a state-of-the-art soundstage and event studio rental facility in San Diego. All industries welcome.

Influencing Intentions

San Diego studio rental is available for Social Media Influencers at reduced rates with cross promotionals. Live Stream your heart away in style.

Corporate Progress

Companies from San Diego and beyond trust us for our unique access and high accommodations. DK3 is the most professional corporate training space in San Diego.

Clean & Modern Live Streaming

Capture all the indoor footage you require. Turn it into a party and broadcast to the world.

Private & Confidential

We deal with sensitive material. Keeping your privacy confidential is our highest priority. Feel relaxed and confident in a secure environment.

The Extra Features That Make DK3 Studios The Best in San Diego

  • 16-foot Cyclorama curved white wall for that supreme quality touch
  • 20-foot tall ceilings to let your giants in the room
  • Strobes, stands, diffusers, product tables and many other production necessities
  • Digitally Printed Backdrops to match your style
  • Over 40 feet long studios to work like a catwalk
  • Wifi to upload pictures before you wrap the shoot
  • Parking for your talent and crew
  • Private dressing room for concealed wardrobe changes
  • All 1 floor so no heavy lifting necessary
  • Production Insurance Available
  • Easy Online Booking System to reserve your place quick
  • Plenty of supply and food options nearby

Rent Photo Studio San Diego

Production equipment rentals, crew support, and advice from experienced professionals. It has become a community where forces can combine and projects development can exceed its original expectations.

Photography For Everyone

  • Actors needing headshots
  • Product shots for your new gizmo
  • Band and team promotional
  • Fashion photography
  • Corporate portrait photo sessions
  • Student club associations

New Digitally Printed Backdrops

Affordable Photography & Video Studio Rental


They are free to use during your rental at dk3 studios.

Call at: (858) 437-9681

What Makes DK3 Studios Convenient and Unique

Living in a large city like San Diego means you might not have the additional workspace to shoot high-quality photos. Photo rental spaces are the best option next to just owning your own photography studio. There’s a lot that goes into running any event rental space. Because we rent studio space to professionals, DK3 Studios stays 100% legal by insuring the shoots from any mishaps. Take advantage of our unique ability to provide insurance directly for your shoot. Many of our competitors require proof of insurance before you sign up for booking. We know you may be on a tight time constraint or budget or maybe just don’t want to take out a full policy for a couple hours of clicking the camera. We get it. That’s why DK3 Studios makes it easy for you. We’ll cover your production for only $50. Most single day production insurance costs will run you more than twice that if you purchase separately.

DK3 Studios is now owned and managed by New Evolution Video, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California. Our team consists of producers, directors, writers, and marketing sages with wisdom to propel your vision into the next century. Whether you are just renting for a couple hours or in need of an ongoing space to provide quality photography work, be a part of our community and share in the everlong dialogue of photography and perception. We can offer advice on what equipment to use, we can lend you an assistant at only $50/hour, we can help your work be seen by a larger audience.

Looking For Deals

New Evolution Video and DK3 Studios are all about premium corporate production. We don’t cut corners and we don’t allow shoddy work. What we do understand is great value. You’re not only getting your fair money’s worth when you rent out our 1100 square foot photography studio space but you can even be getting one hell of a deal on major productions by enjoying our package discounts. The premise of combining forces between a studio and an agency is to offer the best product at the best price. You, the client, are what matters to us. And we let you take advantage of the best deals possible. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for even more secret discount offers each month. Or just email and ask what specials we are currently rolling out.

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