Holy Quail Album Release Party @ dk3studios

By November 23, 2018Music Video, Production


So it’s a typical Saturday evening and you’re preparing to go and see your favorite local bands perform. It’s their album release party so you’re dressed to the nine and ready to let out all the stress from the long week at work. Your phone buzzes as your friends text you the address and you’re confused by what you see…


The energy in the dk3 photo studio on Saturday night was something out of a movie. However there was no movie being shot. Not even a photoshoot. This night was reserved for rocking out! When the Sulzen family, Josh, Allen, and Heather, all members of the group “Holy Quail”, began their search for a venue to host their latest album release party, they were seeking something different; something that fit their out-of-the-box style. They came across a local photo studio and figured, “why not?”


As the band members arrived at the studio one by one, the team began to assemble their stage for the night ahead. Eyes lit up upon entry at the obvious potential in the room for a visibly beautiful performance. Massive speakers and studio lights took place as well as a full drum set. The room was a blank canvas with all white backdrops and the band members were painting it with their equipment and style. Friends, family members, and fans filled the parking lot and absorbed the remaining moments of calm before the storm.


The dimly lit room, now filled with a crowd of people and near tangible anticipation, was finally complete and ready to have the ceiling blown off. From the first chord played, everyone in the room knew this was about to be a night like no other. Participants were no longer in a photo studio, nor a concert hall, and definitely not a club. Every person present that evening was now fully submerged in the audible vibrations that filled every square inch of the space. The jazz-pop mix created a soothing yet invigorating atmosphere. The room continued to fill up the crowds energy fueled the musicians, pushing them to leave everything they had on the stage. The setting was unorthodox, the music was original, and the show was something that nobody in the room had ever experienced. Both covers and originals played by Holy Quail, and the three featured groups, Liquid Squid, Ancient Infant, and Remedelics contributed to what was perhaps one of the most vibrant dynamics in music. There was no doubt that each succeeding song was going to transport each crowd member to a different place within themselves and evoke emotions that made them want to dance, sing, and shout. Cameras were flashing, fans were dancing, and the sound of the voices, guitars, keyboard, and drums rung out into the parking lot all night long. A night to remember for all that were there.

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