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Submitted on: 25 Oct 09

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Well, it’s up. I finally populated the web site with a few images and then I went a placed the ad on craigslist. It’s the first step before I go for advertising on specific sites. So we’ll see what happens!

After six weeks of working on the transformation it’s time to open the doors. Early on my wife got irritated when I said I was going “to the warehouse.” Somewhere along the way it quite looking like a warehouse and now looks very much like a studio. So I do call it, correctly, the studio.

Now time to get ready to have some open houses. I was thinking about a beer (craft beer, maybe from Stone) and wine open house every evening this week. Still contemplating that one.

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  1. Darkmans Darkroom

    You sent me an email to my address and I responded in regards to helping you with advertising and such for your new studio. I also sent a follow up and have heard nothing back from you. was wondering if you would still like to do something to help get the word out about your studio? Let me know.

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