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dk3 studios is a fully equipped rental photo studio offering over 1100 square feet of studio and work space for your exclusive use at just $33 per hour including equipment. 

Images are everything.  Now you can afford professional photographs of your product line.

New!  See a music video of a photoshoot at dk3 studios here.

Be sure to check out our growing collection of backdrops here. One of several backdrops free for your use during rentals




dk3 studios offers features not found in other San Diego rental facilities



The studio features a 16′ wide by 16′ tall cyclorama wall on one end.   The cyc wall gives you amazing flexibility to help make wedding shoots more efficient or creative shoots more, well, creative.

dk3 studios is the only studio in San Diego offering a full complement of one dozen, yes 12, powerful strobe monolights to help you explore your creative potential or to show your clothing line or product in the best light possible.  Boasting an Arkay camera stand and now an Elinchrom product shooting table dk3 studios is set up perfectly for product and still life shoots in addition to glamour and fashion photography.

New toys! JUST ADDED especially for VIDEO: Three 1000 LED video light panels equivalent to $1000 watts each. PLUS, an amazing chromakey LED light ring and unidirectional backdrop.  This high tech (and expensive!) system makes creating a perfect green screen quick and easy.  Looking through the lens you see the reflection of the green screen.  You don’t see it looking at the screen itself.  It’s amazing.  You won’t believe how easy keying can be unless you see it:  watch a demo of LED light ring chroma at

Recently added: The Elinchrom Light Table is a state of the art table for product shooting and is equipped with a translucent Plexiglas surface which can be illuminated from beneath and behind.  product table for incredibly professional product imagesThis $2400 product table will help you achieve beautiful and professional product images that will help your products sell! ($15 per hour additional)


More Lighting equipment for your use than any other San Diego Rental Studio

8 Calumet Travelite 750 monolights These are powerful 750 w/s monolights. See for details.
1 Calumet Travelite 325 monolight
1 ABR800 ringlight (extra fee applies)
2 Paul C. Buff Einstein monolights

Pocket Wizard transmitter and receiver (strobe triggers) included

Modifiers including:

2 16″ x 72″ strip softboxes
3 medium soft boxes
1 48″ soft box
42″ octobox
7″ umbrella reflectors
Convertible umbrellas
Booms, c-stands, flags
4′ x 8′ foam reflector boards
4′ x 8′ black “flag” boards
2 11″ reflectors
3 8″ reflectors
20, 30 and 40 degree honeycomb grids
Bowens angled background reflector
86″ parabolic reflector with front diffuser
Calumet beauty dish with diffuser and honeycomb grid insert


Arkay camera stand with Majestic gearhead (rare in a rental studio)
Various colors and sizes of gels
Extra stands for your own lights, reflectors, etc.
A variety of background fabrics and muslins
Prop box with some interesting items to liven up a shoot
Ray Charles mannequin for test shots

Rail backdrop system including black background fabric for easy low key setup


Convenient parking right in front of the studio – talent wearing high heels and bearing large wardrobes will thank you.

A very clean restroom

46″ Sharp Aquos monitor for tethering or photo review (accepts CF cards directly)

Remote sound featuring a professional club sound system We’re on a canyon rim — you can blast the music
Control iTunes or stream from your iPhone
Music control center with 25,000 song library
Free wi-fi

dk3 studios offers a fridge stocked with beverages for your convenience.  (Complimentary for shoots involving four or fewer persons.)

Dressing Room/Client Area

For your models we offer a large dressing room/meeting area with dressing room lighting, several mirrors including a large, full length mirror. The mobile clothes rack makes it easy to bring in clothing and equipment from your car. There’s plenty of space in the dressing area to meet with your clients or models.


Rates Including Equipment


$33 per hour for up to 12 individuals entering the studio.  

Includes strobes, stands, modifiers, private dressing room, pro sound system.  Minimum rental is three hours.  For three hour rentals the maximum group size is limited to six.

For groups comprising more than twelve individuals entering the studio (that is, walking through the door and stepping on the floor. Yes, children are individuals.  Pets are not.)  Please contact us at to discuss group rates).

DEPOSIT 50% deposit required with reservation and may be applied to future rentals should you need to cancel or change up to 48 hours before your rental.  The deposit can be applied to future rentals should you cancel within 48 hours of the reserved rental period.  If you prefer to book by telephone or email reservations are non-refundable and cannot be changed.

ONE HOUR INCREMENTS ONLY We bill in one hour increments only so please be prepared to vacate the studio promptly at the end of your session to avoid a painful overtime charge of $3 per minute. We also ask that you leave the studio in the condition it was when you arrived, so please be sure to allow clean up time as well to avoid the minimum cleaning fee of $85.

TIMING IS PRECISE — ALLOWANCE FOR LOAD IN/LOAD OUT. At this low rate we do not include set up and break down time so please factor that into your time planning.  Well, we do provide free load in and load out time if your rental is for eight or more hours.  Billable time begins when anyone in your group enters the studio for any reason.

LATE CHECK OUT IS $3 PER MINUTE.  If the studio is not booked following your shoot you may add additional time at a rate of $40 per hour*.

*Three hour rental extension rate is $50 per hour.


Other Considerations

If you need help with lighting during a shoot we can provide a photographer to assist you at a rate of $50 per hour.  (But we will always explain the lighting and offer suggestions should you request help.)

THE FINE PRINT  Our rate applies to photoshoots booked through our online reservation service and includes the use of one shooting bay by one photographer.  If another photographer in your group shoots simultaneously the rental fee doubles. If you prefer to book by telephone or email reservations are non-refundable and cannot be changed.

For groups comprising more than twelve individuals entering the studio please contact us to discuss group rates.


9865 mesa rim road suite 205 san diego ca 92121 | phone: +1.858.848.5464 | email: