Welcome to dk3 studios!

Welcome to dk3 studios!

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dk3 studios LLC was created to be an affording photo studio available for rental by the hour to San Diego photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists — ideally all of the above — anyone who needs access to a photography studio but who does not wish to spend $100 per hour or more. At dk3 studios when we say overhead we are referring to lighting! While our rental rate may be low, our equipment is top notch to meet the needs of advanced amateur photographers, part time wedding photographers as well as those new to studio photography. In fact, I very much welcome those of you who have had an interest in studio photography and would like to jump in to explore this rather addictive creative art.

Our growing equipment list is topped by a 16′ cyclorama, or “cyc,” wall. With its 16′ high ceiling it is the first west coast installation of the new cyc wall designed by Todd A. Dean, a noted builder of television and film sets. Todd flew in from Ohio to be here at dk3 studios last month to personally oversee the installation. You can make excellent photos with a paper backdrop, a single strobe light and a reflector or two. In fact, that’s a good way to start out.

But the rules have changed since the days of the photographer telling you, and other uncomfortable victims sitting with you, posing, “move your head slightly toward your shoulder;” or, “bring your chin up a tad.” Photographers today push boundaries like never before. I took some lighting lessons from photographer Adam Chilson who showed me an image he made using 17 strobe lights. Yes, seventeen! So if your creativity keeps you awake a night and you need a few more strobes to illuminate that vision in your brain then dk3 studios is the place for you.

Our rates are straightforward: just $25 per hour for the studio and most of the equipment. (Flash meter, ringlight and some specialized equipment for additional fees). Just book your session online, show up at the studio and shoot. We (will, within a few days) accept major credit cards. It’s easy. It’s fun and it’s addicting.

So check out our equipment list on this site, or if you’re impatient I’ll highlight some of it below. Meanwhile, please stop by for a visit if you’d like a tour. We’re friendly people here at dk3 studios and we want you have a fun experience during your shoot.


Abbreviated equipment list:

1 16′ wide by 16′ tall cyc wall
8 Calumet Travelite 750 monolights
1 Calumet Travelite 375 monolight
1 ABR800 ringlight
5 Square softboxes
2 18″ x 72″ strip softboxes
Lightstands, casters, Avenger C-stands and booms
2 11″ reflectors for monolights
8 6″ umbrella reflectors for monolights
6 reversible (black, silver or white surface or shoot through) umbrellas
1 7″ reflector with 20, 30 and 40 degree honeycomb grids
Misc gaffer supplies (black aluminum foil, tape)
Stairs to shoot down from
46″ tv for tethering while shooting
Wireless music system with 25,000 songs/Vandersteen loudspeakers
4′x8′ styrofoam sheets for bookend reflectors
Multi use reflector
Dressing room with lights around mirror, full length mirror, clothes steamer
Mobile racks for clothing, equipment and other stuff from your car
A fridge full of complimentary beverages
Privacy from being located on a canyon rim
Ample free parking right in front of the studio door
10′ roll up door
….more to come


  1. Karen Dick

    Well, sign me up!! Looks terrific..image muse!!

  2. Steve

    I’ve rented this studio, and came away with some images that I and my clients were absolutely thrilled with. Having Dave on hand to help with lighting solutions made all the difference in the world. It won’t be the last time I go to dk3…

  3. Brenda Wright

    I did my first-ever studio shoot and was totally amazed at the images I was able to get, especially with my limited experience with indoor shoots. Dave is awesome and so helpful and encouraging! You need to shoot here and go to his monthly mixers! Great people and lots of good photo chat!

  4. Brenda

    I have rented the studio twice. The first time was my first studio shoot and I got some fantastic pictures of my daughter. The second was a technical shoot of some equipment. Both times, Dave was there to help out and made the shoots really enjoyable! Awesome studio! I’m coming back Saturday with two fellow photographers to shoot some more!

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