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How do I go about reserving studio time?

How do I book my time slot and/or reserve equipment?

There is an Online Booking Form on every page of our website. Just click on it and you can schedule studio time. You may book by phone 858-437-9681 or email info@dk3studios.com  and we will set you up for reservations for a $20 service fee (fee waived if you spend over $400). Booking online is the preferred method as there is no delay. Some time slots are highly desirable and book quickly. Online is the most assured method for instant gratification.

Our base rental rate is $50 per hour:

Many of our days are booked solid so please book all the time you require for your shoot and even an efficient buffer. Your time begins when the first person in your shoot arrives and ends when you are off the premises.

Our minimum rentals are for 2 hours:

Remember that your time is for loading and unloading so book accordingly. In our experience as professional filmmakers, photographers, and studio rental owners has shown that anything less than three hours simply not enough time to load in, wait for late models, set up lighting, do a shoot, load out, clean the studio, and double check to make sure you didn’t leave anything. However, if the studio is available you may extend your shoot at the standard rate (base is $60 per hour) but crew availability must be sorted out personally.

Do yourself a big favor:

Book more time than you think you will need. An extra hour will relieve a lot of stress.

The New DK3

As of 2018, DK3 Studios is now operated under the guidance of New Evolution Video. This means we not only rent space but can provide video/photography technical and creative assistance to any project. We are enthusiastic to help local San Diego business, charities, educational institutions, cultural influencers, artists, and visiting corporations.

We have 2 studios available during normal business hours. 8AM-6PM Monday-Friday. Our system currently only allows for hours to be booked during these time slots. However, if you should need additional time slots then please feel free to ask and we will accommodate your situation.

If any of the entries do not satisfy your curiosity then hit us up by phone 858-437-9681 or email info@dk3studios.com and if we include your query on this page then you win a free fridge magnet!

How do I book my studio time and/or equipment?

Easy, simply use our Online Booking System to find your time slot and fill in the easy form. Your card will be charged at the time you book. You can also give us a call at 858-437-9681 and we will be happy to answer any questions for you or proceed with your request. If you experience any troubles with the Online Booking System pop-up form then try widening your window.

What discounts does DK3 Studios offer?

We offer several package deals for your convenience that come at an attractive rate for serious productions. We toss out reduced rates periodically as promotions through secret codes on our social media sites, so be on the lookout. If you are a social media influencer then we offer significant discounts for tagging and mentioning DK3 Studios.

What if I need to change my booking times?

24-hour notice is required for changes or cancellation or you will lose your deposit. No-shows, we take the whole deposit, without a refund.

Is there a deposit or any additional fees?

Need to pay for your booking in full beforehand.

What will I be charged if I damage something?

Damage to equipment may result in the cost of replacement or repair to said item plus and restocking fee. Damage to the studio will result in the same. Please especially be careful of the Infinity Wall aka Cyclorama wall – it’s $250 for scuffing the curve.

Do you guys have Wifi?

Of course, we do, silly. 50 mb/s business grade. We are ideal for Live Streaming.

How do I make a payment?

Payments are received via credit card on the Online Booking System. The payment will be extracted from your account at the time of booking. There is a flat 4% cc processing fee.

What sounds can be heard inside the studio?

For the most part, it is silent inside the studio. Talking and cars outside cannot be heard. Try to watch the honking outside. We do get the occasional airplane flying by because we are located near the Mira Mar airbase.

What kind of videos are shot behind the curtains at DK3?

We won’t say what any of clients record because we believe strongly in confidentiality. The idea is to create a private environment where visions can come to life.

Explain Events Studio Rental?

We rent space by the hour. The space is ideal for large meetings or even private celebrations. Imagine a video conference live in the studio with your San Diego bound people to your corporate headquarters. Get everybody on the same page this day in age.

Can guests drink or smoke?

We are all adults and the management has no problem with people having fun. Please enjoy yourself in a responsible manner and keep it safe and mostly legal. Please mind that this space is shared by other clients so burns from lit cigarettes or any strongly noticeable odors will count as damage to the studio and could result in a financial penalty.

What’s the deal with pets?

The law says we can not restrict assistance or therapeutic animals. We welcome pets on the same condition as people, keep stuff clean.

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