Shoot Like a Pro: Private Instruction

The introduction of digital photography dramatically changed studio photography.  No longer must photographers wait for images to come back from the lab, or for Polaroid test shots to develop.  You can see the effects of your lighting set up INSTANTLY.  This means you can shoot professional images your first time in the studio.

Our basic introductory experience includes two hours of private instruction time followed by two hours of practice time.  This is your chance to put your new skills to work right away (and with no one peeking over your shoulder!).  A professional photographer will be available during your free shoot time to provide suggestions and answer questions.

We can design an instructional session to meet your needs or you can choose our standard curriculum which will answer the follow questions, among others:

  1. What makes studio photography different from available light photography?

  2. How do I operate the controls on each strobe?

  3. How do I set my camera for studio photography?

  4. What is a basic lighting setup for individual photography?

  5. How do I “blow out” the curve for that professional, pure white look?

  6. How can I have my subject surrounded by darkness?

  7. What do I need to do to achieve dramatic lighting?

  8. What do all these light modifiers do?

  9. How to radio triggers work to eliminate sync cables?

  10. What are the advantages of using a camera stand vs a tripod?

  11. Why didn’t I do this years ago?

  12. What does this cost?  OK, you’ll get the answer to this one before you sign up:

Four hour studio rental @ $33 per hour:  $132

Two hour instruction @ $50 per hour:  $100

Total: $232

Limited time offer!  Did you get a new DSLR for Christmas and are eager to try it in the studio? Through February 28 we are offering a four hour introductory for just $199.  All you need to bring is a subject (e.g. model) to practice with and a DSLR camera with a standard hot shoe.  We provide everything else you need and, hey, it will be fun, too.

If you’re new to studio photography and would like to better understand the equipment options to achieve various lighting styles, as well as to gain confidence working in a professional photo studio, we have several options. You can sign up for one of our introductory workshops.  OR you can learn the basics of studio photography through a private instructional photo shoot.

Private instruction means you shoot your subject 100% of the time. Working with a pro you can experiment with creative lighting techniques and take advantage of the TWELVE strobes available for your use at dk3 studios.  You will leave not only with amazing images but will emerge with confidence in your ability to shoot in a professional studio.  We make sure these instruction events are lively and fun and you’ll be ready to shoot on your own after just two or three hours of instruction.

After your first instructional session you will have the confidence to walk into the studio and achieve professional results instantly.  Digital photography revolutionized studio photography by giving us a learning curve that advances rapidly.
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Upcoming Workshops — Details Below



Studio Mixer/Party
700 pm – late
 (Free!  Free Drinks!  Free Snacks!  Free Speach!)

Please join us for our monthly mixer at the studio.  Mingle with fellow photographers, models, makeup artists, studio assistants and even musicians.  This is a social and networking event but we may have a shooting area set up outside if the weather is decent.  Various alcohol containing and alcohol free beverages will be served along with some light snacks.  And the best part is this one is free if you preregister by sending us an RSVP at the aptly named email address of limit, really, to the number of participants. Recent Workshops — Let us know if you would like for us to offer one again soon:

Exploring Light Modifiers
7-930 PM (Cost: $50)

How is the light from a softbox different than the light from a beauty dish?  What does an octobox do differently than a softbox?  How does a snoot compare to a grid?  Exactly what does “wrap” mean? Explore these questions and more during this hands on workshop exploring the effects of various light modifiers on a live model.  Learn to see how on the light on subjects can vary dramatically depending on the modifier you choose to use for a shot.  Each photographer will shoot one on one with a model Come explore the magic of working with a single light to achieve dramatic studio lighting results.  The workshop will include an overview of lighting and then there will hands on time to explore lighting a model using only a single studio strobe and various reflectors to manipulate the light.  The workshop will include use of softboxes, umbrellas, strobe reflectors the beauty dish as well as our newest addition:  the Octobox modifier for the ABR800 ringflash.  The Octobox wraps light like nobody’s business and you will be able to experience this live in our studio. Nicola is an experienced professional photographer with over ten years of photography experience and has an excellent way of blending just enough theory to help demonstrate why light is behaving as it is.  She’s very comfortable working with workshop participants and participants enjoy her collaborative, hands on approach.  This workshop is offered at irregular intervals and slots fill up rapidly.  Please email and let me know if you’d like to attend. Limited to 8 participants.

Hi Key – Low Key We Shoot Photography
7-930 PM (Cost: $50)

One model.  The dark side.  The white side.  Come explore low-key and high-key studio photography.  In a single session we will have a model posing in the low-key area of the studio. This will be hands on so be sure to bring your camera.   You will have a chance to shoot the same model first in the low-key end of the studio.  Then we’ll all move the cyc wall where we will demonstrate how to blow out the highlights on the cyc wall, subject placement and other lighting techniques often used on the light side of the studio. Come explore these diametrically opposed shooting styles and see what effect light has on the clothing, the models skin and hair, colors, the overall ambience of the image.  Limited to 8 participants.



To sign up, just drop an email to and let me know which workshop you’re interested in. All workshops are held at:

dk3 studios LLC
9865 Mesa Rim Road Suite 205
San Diego, CA  92121

Thank you for your continuing support of dk3 studios and happy shooting! Dave

Dave King
dk3 studios LLC

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