In this very visual business environment, businesses need quality images to help their clothing line or other products well.  The paradigm has changed with technical advances in photography while the days of large budgets for photoshoots are limited.  Now there is an affordable rental photo studio option complete with everything you need to create professional images.

dk3 studios LLC is an affordable, fully-equipped, rental photo studio to help entrepreneurs and business of all sizes create professional images to show your product in the best light which will help generate sales of your products.  dk3 studios offers two suites for shooting:  dk3 studios and Studio V at dk3.  This site is for the professinal studio.  For information about our 1200 square foot boudoir and fantasy Studio V at dk3 please see

No other studio in San Diego boasts a studio complete with

  • A 16′ cyclorama (infinity) wall. No more dealing with seamless backdrops.  Easy setup at last!
  • 40 foot shooting bay  to put space behind your model for that professional look — you can’t do that at home.  Period.
  • One dozen powerful strobes so you can achieve the look you need.  No other San Diego studio has more available strobes and modifiers included in the rental rate.
  • A wireless strobe triggeringsystem (Pocket Wizard®) makes shooting easy
  • Online booking system to make reserving studio time simple and easy
  • An Elinchrom product table and Arkay 9′ camera/studio stand
  • Parking right out front — and no stairs! Easy to unload and load right by the door.
  • A private dressing room
  • A 46″ LCD TV for tethering or review
  • A fun and comfortable shooting environment to keep your team relaxed
  • Professional sound system and mood lighting that is invisible to the camera
  • Cold beverages available to quench your thirst
  • And most importantly: a very clean restroom (we take pride in that)


Privacy: When you rent the studio it’s your studio.  Someone will be available at reception should you need any assistance, but we will stay out of your way unless asked.  And we certainly won’t offer unsolicited critiques of your photography.

Best Prices in San Diego:  fully equipped studio

The best part is the price: just $33 per hour!  Including equipment.  


This rate applies to in/out privileges for up to 12 individuals (limit 6 for three hour rentals) and is intended to help small businesses make quality images to sell products. The rates increase if you bring more than six individuals into the studio.  Businesses still need quality images to help their clothing line or other products well.  But the paradigm has changed and the days of expensive photoshoots are limited.  Now there is an affordable rental photo studio option complete with everything you need to create professional images.

Please note:  Three hour shoots are limited to groups of no more than six individuals.  For larger groups please choose a rental period of more than three hours.  If you book a three hour shoot the maximum number individuals allowed into the studio is six.  If your shoot involves more than six individuals please book a minimum of four hours or your shoot will be cancelled without notice.

For groups comprising more than 12 individuals please contact us for event pricing.

dk3 studios LLC does not support any type of group shoot activity. Group shoots are prohibited on the premises of dk3 studios. A group shoot is defined as any shoot involving more than one photographer shooting a subject simultaneously. There are plenty of options available for amateur group shoot enthusiasts. dk3 studios LLC does not offer group shoots. Our target audience is professional photographers, advanced amateur photographers and small businesses who require professional images to help sell their products .

Children are people.  Pets are not.

Please contact us for event rates if more than 12 individuals will be involved with your shoot.  

Online reservation system makes it simple to sign up for studio time and you may pay by major credit card at the time of your rental. Take time to explore creative lighting techniques. Or shoot those wedding photos without having to haul and setup your own lighting. Rent when you need more strobes or space than you now have. Discover your passion at the most affordable rates in San Diego

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